Band Engagements


Engagements 2017
Friday 9th June TBC Whit Friday Marches
Sunday 11th June TBC Worthington Park
Sat 1st July TBC Autrobus Fete
Sat July 8th All Day Durham Miners Gala
Sun Sept 10th All Day Hardraw Scar Entertainment Contest
Sun 29th October TBC Rochdale Contest
13th/14th Jan All Weekend Butlins Contest
Sunday 25th Feb TBC Blackpool NW Regional Contest




We are available for concerts, weddings, fetes, marches and private parties. We play a wide range of music to suit all tastes and we can also perform in smaller ensembles. Click here for more info.


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Please click here to contact the band commitee. The MD should be contacted about vacancies and the band secretary for all other enquiries.